Based on the liposomal technology platform, InnoMedica has built a broadly diversified pipeline. All pipeline products have in common that no new molecules are used, but substances with known efficacy profiles. This approach is interesting from a medical point of view as well as from entrepreneurial risk and return considerations. The therapeutic effect of these substances is substantially improved by the combination with the liposomal nanocontainer and the biological fine-tuning. With this approach, drugs can be designed that have a high chance of success in clinical translation and are expected to have great therapeutic benefits. In addition to Talidox and Talineuren, InnoMedica is currently developing another drug against cancer, a drug against arteriosclerosis as well as a contrast agent for the identification of tumors for more precise surgical removal. In a joint project with the University of Bern, InnoMedica is also looking for a medical solution to fight resistant bacterial strains. In view of current events, InnoMedica launched the TaliCoVax-19 vaccination project.

Other applications are explored in collaboration with research teams. By using the technology platform, a wide variety of active agents can be optimized resulting in better efficacy with less side effects.