As a platform technology, InnoMedica’s liposomal targeting technology allows not only a treatment of various malignant, multi-resistant tumors but also for other applications: inflammatory diseases or diseases with inflammation-specific symptoms can be treated specifically.

CancerMalignant and multiresistant tumors
Inflammatory DiseasesEncephalitis, retinochorioiditis, pneumonia, hepatitis, arthritis, COPD
Diseases with inflammation symptomsRheumatism, stroke, diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer‘s, arteriosclerosis, etc.

National and international research collaborations have already been initiated and will be further developed. In this context, we see opportunities to collaborate with research institutions that want to study new applications of our targeting approach or with companies wishing to develop liposomal formulations encapsulating new cancer therapies.
Our expertise in liposomal targeting and our production experience allow us to respond to individual needs and adapt solutions on request. Contact us to discuss possible synergies.