Liposomes using glycan-targeting to achieve tissue specificity, are a world’s first. Sugar molecules mimic the natural targeting processes of the immune system and find the diseased cells in the body. The white blood cells (leukocytes) also use sugar based molecules following a lock-and-key model to detect disease regions and enabling an effective cure. Talidox uses this natural system in a particularly efficient way for medical applications – InnoMedica’s patented innovation.

With Talidox®, this liposomal transport system is used as first application for cancer therapy. InnoMedica’s liposomal drug formulation (eg, Talidox®) is indicated for the treatment of patients with solid tumors as well as metastases, since the corresponding target receptors are expressed in a wide variety of cancers. The efficient targeting properties of the liposomes also allows at a later stage to target other inflammatory diseases and to improve other drugs with regard to their pharmaceutical efficacy. Moreover, the technology can be used for both intravenous and oral administration.