The production facility in the Marly Innovation Center, certified by Swissmedic, made it possible to protect the company’s own know-how – in particular regarding innovative manufacturing processes. InnoMedica will produce Talidox®  in the company owned production site in Marly Innovation Center close to Fribourg and will benefit of the following strategical advantages:

  • Protection of our kow-how, especially with regard to the manufacturing process
  • Flexibility concerning the fine tuning of the production process
  • Elimination of costs related to know-how transfer to a contract manufacturer
  • Enhanced knowledge transfer within InnoMedica, particularly between Dr. Yamazaki and junior researchers facilitating the development of further applications of the pipeline.

In June 2014, the clean room laboratory in Marly Innovation Center has been remodeled by skilled professionals and has been equipped with the latest, pharmaceutical manufacturing technology. In Marly, InnoMedica employs a team of experts consisting of Swiss and international scientists, which ensures the quality of manufactoring of Talidox®. For the GMP production of Talidox®  an operating license of Swissmedic is requiredThe License was granted by Swissmedic following an inspection by the regional inspectorate (RFS) in  fall 2014.


Our liposoms are produced in a patented process under very controlled and consumer-friendly conditions through applied synthetic biology. Unilamellar liposomes are assembled in an aqueous mixture containing an active agent. Employing ultrasonication, particles of a defined nanoscale size with encapsulated active agent are obtained. In order to functionalize the liposomal surface with sugar molecules, the particles are first coated with a endogenous protein. Finally, the selected sugar molecule structures are conjugated to the particle surface in a thouroughly controlled process, yielding a reactive interface designed to actively target cancer-invaded sites in the body.