The acquisition of the Japanese medical company YAMAZAKI-DDS Co. Ltd. by InnoMedica in spring 2013  enhanced InnoMedica´s existing patent portfolio consisting of patents in the field of  liposomes and drug targeting. Dr. Noboru Yamazaki, owner of YAMAZAKI DDS Co. Ltd., joined the board of directers of InnoMedica.

Living cancer cell with invading liposomes and drug accumulation in the nucleus

The patented technology allows InnoMedica to develop a novel drug delivery system for the administration of therapeutical drugs in cooperation with Dr. Yamazaki. First, InnoMedica aims towards the refinement of a commonly used cytostatic drug doxorubicin. With this technology, the drug effectively reaches the cancer tissue. This effect leads to a more efficient tumor control whilst at the same time reducing adverse side effects. The maximal cumulative doses and subsequent adverse side effects of chemotherapeutic agents are a significant disadvantage of current state of art cancer therapy.