InnoMedica’s team has grown steadily over the last few years. With an experienced board of directors and the founding team as management InnoMedica combines the knowledge that is important for the company to be able to realise such a project. InnoMedica’s goal is to involve the entire team as shareholders and to develop an entrepreneurial spirit among its employees. Today the InnoMedica team consists of 44 employees – all with higher education or many years of experience, whereby the strong technical focus of InnoMedica is reflected in the 30 employees with degrees in biochemistry, chemistry, biomedicine or pharmaceutical sciences. The high level of expertise in this core area is an important requirement for our success.

Organization Chart InnoMedica Holding AG
Organization Chart InnoMedica Schweiz AG

Peter Halbherr
Peter Halbherr
Dr. phil. et phil. Universites of Zürich and Paris

Dr. Peter Halbherr has been with InnoMedica since 2001. He was member of the Board since 2002, acts as delegate of the Board and was elected chairman by the general assembly 2018. As a business and personnel consultant in the pharmaceutical, IT and financial sector, Dr. Halbherr provides expertise in building companies and access to a valuable network of executives, startups and financing.

Dr. Halbherr founded the consulting firm IPAG Inter Personal AG in 1988, which is active in management selection and management consultancy. Under his direction IPAG Inter Personal AG provided the initial funding for InnoMedica and served as incubator for the Talidox project. He is partner of BTS Business Technology & Services GmbH, which is active in software in Business Administration. Dr. Halbherr developed sqlFinance an Enterprise Resource Planning software, which InnoMedica uses today for accounting, payroll, purchasing and delivery/sales as well as for pharmaceutical GMP production.

Dr. Halbherr’s doctoral dissertation on career patterns, a DESS Psychology in Industrial Psychology, was a research project on careers and corporate culture in Paris (1979 – 1983, published as IBM – Mythe et Mythe et Réalité) resulted in a Dr. phil. et phil. degree from the Universities of Zurich and Paris. Previously, he studied psychology and graduated from the University of Zurich.

Chairman and Delegate of the Board, General Manager
Denis Bron
Denis Bron
Dr. med., University of Basel

Dr. med. Denis Bron has operated since 2005 as InnoMedica’s Medical Advisor and joined the Board of InnoMedica in 2018. He brings a broad network in the medical sector as well as experience in dealing with doctors and hospitals. Dr. Bron also holds an earlier patent which he introduced in 2010 into the company based on a targeting approach for pharmaceutical active ingredients.

Dr. Bron is chief of Aviation Medicine for the Air Force of the Aeromedical Institute FAI and directs the Aeromedical Centre (AeMC) in Dübendorf. He previously worked in the field of neurology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, the University Hospital Basel, and the Cantonal hospital in Aarau. Dr. Bron graduated from the University of Basel in 1997 with a degree in medical studies. In addition to his training in the hospital, he holds the certificate of EMG-competence, completed additional leadership courses and graduated in 2013 as a European Human Factor specialist.

Member of the Board, Vice-Chairman
Urs Wälchli
Urs Wälchli
Prof. Dr. rer. oec., University of Bern

Prof. Dr. Urs Wälchli was elected member of the Board at the General assemby in 2019. He has advised the Board of Directors of InnoMedica since 2018, primarily on governance, strategy and financial issues. He is a visiting professor at the Simon Business School of the University of Rochester, New York, Deputy Academic Director of the Rochester-Bern Executive Program and SFI Adjunct Professor. The focus of his research, teaching and consulting activities is the financing and management of innovative companies.
Urs Wälchli studied economics at the University of Bern, where he also completed his doctorate on «Corporate Governance of Swiss Boards of  Directors». He has researched and taught at various American universities (NYU, Wharton, Purdue University) and was assistant professor at the University of Bern from 2008 to 2014.

Member of the Board
Noboru Yamazaki
Noboru Yamazaki
Dr. rer. nat.

Dr. Noboru Yamazaki was elected at the 2013 Annual General Meeting to the Board of InnoMedica. His years of research experience in the field of active targeting and his solid experience in patent applications are key to the success of the InnoMedica Talidox project.

He founded the company Yamazaki DDS Co., Ltd. to develop new applications with an active targeting drug delivery system. This new technology results from his research while working as group leader of the NanoBio-Medicine Technology Laboratory at the Nanotechnology Research Institute of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan. Dr. Yamazaki worked with scientists from the Chemistry Department of the University of Colorado and the Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine and was director of research grants at the International Human Frontier Science Program Organization. After receiving his PhD in Biology from the University of Hamburg and postdoctoral research at Mitsubishi Kasei Institute of Life Sciences, Research Officer of the Industrial Products Research Institute, he began his career at AIST as Head of Materials Design Laboratory.

Member of the Board, Chief Technology Office
Stéfan Halbherr
Stéfan Halbherr
PhD, University of Bern

Stéfan Halbherr, younger son of Dr. Peter Halbherr and has been working at InnoMedica since 2013 as Head of Research & Development. He has experience in immunology and has been a scientific consultant for the Talidox project from the very beginning. He is the driving force which advances the optimization of the product and his creative approach to research yields steady development progress. He is listed as inventor in the new patent application for Talineuren. After his Master’s degree in Biochemistry and Immunology at the University of Bern, Stéfan received his PhD at the Institute of Virology and Immunoprophylaxis IVI from the University of Bern from his research on Development of a high quality vaccine against avian influenza.

Country Manager, Research and Development, Management
Pascal Halbherr
Pascal Halbherr
MSc Biochemistry, University of Bern

Pascal Halbherr, elder son of Dr. Peter Halbherr. Head of Production, began working at InnoMedica in Autumn 2012. His interest in the latest research in biochemistry and his readiness to explore novel concepts led to the launch of the collaboration with Dr. Yamazaki and form the starting point of the Talidox project.

Along with Stéphane Gumy, he developed the GMP production at the Marly Innovation Center and adapted the production processes from pure research to industrial scales. He graduated from the University of Bern with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s degree in Immunology (Thromboxane A2 acts as tonic immunoregulator by preferential disruption of low-avidity CD4+ T cell-dendritic cell interactions).

Manufacturing, Project Leader, Management
Jonas Zeller
Jonas Zeller
Dr. rer. oec., University of Bern

Dr. Jonas Zeller joined InnoMedica in 2013 as Head of Finance and Administration. He brings experience in Financial Management, and is a lecturer of Business Valuation at the University of Bern and the Bern-Rochester Executive MBA program.

He obtained a doctorate from the Institute of Financial Management at the University of Bern, where his research examined the interaction between age and economic efficiency of enterprises. Prior to his doctoral thesis, he had a role as an analyst in the Economic Research Department at Credit Suisse in Zürich. His graduate studies were at the University of Bern and the Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester in New York.

Finance & Administration, Management
Andrea Zurkirchen
Andrea Zurkirchen
lic. phil., University of Zürich

Andrea Zurkirchen became part of the InnoMedica team in summer 2012 due to her consulting role with IPAG Inter Personal AG and the merger with Yamazaki-DDS Co., Ltd. She gained experience in personnel management and administration, as well as communications, marketing and sales, through work with IPAG Inter Personal AG and BTS Business Technology & Services GmbH. As Chief of Staff at InnoMedica, she is responsible for the organisation and legal implementation of the financing rounds, looks after shareholder contacts and is also responsible for external communication in addition to her personnel tasks.

She studied psychology at the University of Zurich, specializing in biopsychology and behavioral therapy. In her thesis she examined the connection between psychological and biological reactions to stress.

Communication, HR, Legal & Compliance, Staff
Stèphane Gumy
Stèphane Gumy
Chemist Degree, Fribourg
Qualified Person, Staff
Production & Process Engineering
Production & Process Engineering

Right from the start, InnoMedica relied on its own production according to GMP standards. A strategy that pays off: today, already 9 employees are in the area of GMP Production and Process Engineering. In view of a future market approval of the products Talidox and Talineuren, the expansion of the infrastructure in Marly was already started in 2018 and in the meantime a new, larger clean room has been constructed, which is currently being prepared for bringing into service.

Dr. Maëlle Bochud – PhD in Virology, University of Bern
Dr. Matthias Burgener – PhD in Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Bern; previously: Analyst at Geistlich Pharma AG
Mauro Consonni – Machine Fitter with Federal Certificate of Competence; previously: Regional Sales Manager at Zumbach Electronics AG
Fabio D’Angelo – Master of Science in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, University of Bern
Jonas Hosch – Graduate Chemical Process Engineer, Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg
Andreas König – Master of Molecular Science and Chemistry, University of Bern; PhD candidate, University of Fribourg
Sylvie Mathieu – Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, HES-SO, HEIA-FR, CAS in Leadership, Bern University of Applied Sciences; previously: Team Leader QC Laboratory (Chemistry and Physics) at Nestlé Suisse
Dr. Thomas Schick – PhD in Biochemistry, University of Bern
Lucas Wey – Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, University of Basel

Quality Control & Analytics
Quality Control & Analytics

In-house measurements are essential for rapid progress in product development. As the linchpin between Research & Development, Process Engineering, GMP Production and Quality Assurance, Dr. Christoph Mathieu’s team is extremely effective in implementing the diverse requirements placed on them.

Dr. Christoph Mathieu – PhD in Molecular Life Sciences, University of Bern
Aleksandra Burlakova – Master of Science in Chemistry, University of Fribourg; previously: Scientific Collaborator at Inselspital Bern
Claudia Eichenberger – Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences (Biochemistry/Chemical Biology), University of Bern; previously: Research Assistant on malaria research at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute & Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania
Dr. Andreas Krause – PhD in Biosciences, University of Heidelberg; previously: Study of pharmacy and approbation as pharmacist
Sophie Milesi – Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences, University of Bern; previously: Clinical Research Associate at Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK)
Dr. Huiyuan Zhao – PhD in Biochemistry, University of Fribourg
Dr. Diego von Werdt – PhD in Immunology, University of Bern

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

InnoMedica has a license to manufacture and wholesale pharmaceutical products in accordance with GMP standards since 2014. With the start of the Phase I clinical trial with Talidox in the field of oncology in 2018, the intravenous medications manufactured in the Marly production facility are used to treat cancer patients in Swiss hospitals. Together with Stéphane Gumy as a technically responsible person, the Quality Assurance is supervised by a powerful team of three.

Philipp Steffen – Master of Science in Chemistry & Molecular Sciences, University of Bern; previously: Quality Management Validation at CSL Behring
Dr. Caroline Dafflon-Urech – Master of Science in Life Science, University of Oxford and EPFL; PhD in Oncology, EPFL; previously: PostDoc at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR)
Dr. Kristin Uth-Gottardi – Master of Science in Medical Biotechnology, University of Abertay; PhD in Biomedical Sciences, University of Bern

Research & Development
Research & Development

With its liposomal technology platform, InnoMedica offers almost unlimited opportunities to improve existing medicines. Our researchers are limited mainly financially, which leads to prioritization in the pipeline. Dr. Camille Peitsch’s team currently dedicate themselves to Talineuren and the translation of this product into the clinic, but of course also the most promising pipeline products in the fields of neurology, oncology, infectiology and immunology.

Dr. Camille Peitsch – PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Bern
Dr. Silvia Erni – PhD in Biomedical Sciences, University of Bern
Dr. Pascal Häfliger – PhD in Biomedical Sciences, University of Bern; previously: Postdoc at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbia University New York
Dr. Marion Kieffer – PhD in Chemistry, University of Cambridge (UK); previously: Research Associate, University of Bristol (UK)
Dr. Melanie Patt – PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Basel
Dr. Diego von Werdt – PhD in Immunology, University of Bern

Medical & Regulatory Affairs
Medical & Regulatory Affairs

In November 2018, a cancer patient was treated with Talidox for the first time – a big moment for InnoMedica. Together with the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK), the umbrella organization of Swiss oncologists, InnoMedica is conducting a phase I clinical trial in Swiss hospitals. In consultation with Swissmedic and the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the team is working on the next steps for approval of Talidox and the start of a clinical trial for Talineuren in the field of neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Marc Bigler – PhD in Biomedical Research, University of Basel; previously: PostDoc in the research group “Translational Immunology” at the University Hospital of Basel
Dr. Roch-Philippe Charles – PhD in Biology, University of Lausanne; previously: Docent at the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (IBMM), University of Bern
Dr. Silvia Erni – PhD in Biomedical Sciences, University of Bern
Dr. Petra Gottier – PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Bern; previously: Postdoctoral Researcher and Lab Manager at the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, University of Bern
Dr. Pascal Häfliger – PhD in Biomedical Sciences, University of Bern; previously: Postdoc at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbia University New York
Lisa Halbherr – Master of Science in Neuropsychology, University of Zürich & Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston und International MBA, IE Instituto de Empresa Madrid; previously: Project Manager Market Research
Dr. Stefanie Lerch – PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Bern; previously: Project Manager Clinical Research, Campus SLB Bern
Noëmi Müller – Master of Law, University of Lausanne and University of Bern; Admitted to the bar in the Canton of Bern; previously: Scientific Associate and Lawyer in the Tax Administration of Canton Bern
Petra Polakova – Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences, University of Bern; previously: Clinical Research Associate at Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK)

…and other departments crucial to success
…and other departments crucial to success

In order to be able to invest the financial resources in the projects, the administrative area at InnoMedica was always reduced to a minimum. For the 44 employees who currently work in Bern, Marly and Zürich: Urs Bretscher and Daniel Valdera operate an extremely lean IT infrastructure. Michael Aeberhard ensures the smooth handling of all logistics. Dr. Martin Stähle and Tiantian Deng are responsible for accounting and controlling. Noëmi Müller, as a lawyer, is in charge of legal matters and Jacqueline Camenzind is responsible for HR, communication and office management.

Michael Aeberhard (Logistics) – Bachelor of Architecture, Bern University of Applied Science; previously: Project Manager and Architect
Urs Bretscher (IT) – lic. oec. publ. und dipl. Business IT Specialist, University of Zürich; previously: Head of IT at Swatch Group, CIO at Marlox Group and Selecta, Partner with Dr. Peter Halbherr at BTS (Business Software)
Jacqueline Camenzind (HR, Communication & Office Management) – Master of Arts in German Studies, University of Bern
Tiantian Deng (Accounting & Controlling) – Master of Science in Finance, Purdue University (USA); previously: EMBA Program Director and Financial Analyst in Investment Banking
Christopher Johnson (Finance & IT) – Master of Science in Economics, University of Bern; previously: Data Scientist at Coca-Cola in Atlanta
Noëmi Müller (Legal & Regulatory) – Master of Law, University of Lausanne and University of Bern; Admitted to the bar in the Canton of Bern; previously: Scientific Associate and Lawyer in the Tax Administration of Canton Bern
Dr. Martin Stähle (
Accounting & Controlling) – Dr. oec., University of Hohenheim; previously: Consultant, Lecturer at University of Bern
Daniel Valdera (IT) – Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering and Master in Secondary School Training, Universidad de Sevilla; previously: Business Analyst in Management Consulting and IT Lecturer