InnoMedica is a company that, in addition to a patent-protected technology platform, defines itself above all through the will of a team to develop medicines from innovative research in the field of liposomal transport systems and to bring them to patients. To achieve this goal, experienced entrepreneurs and managers work side by side with young university graduates. Only the joint effort of investors, employees, doctors and, finally, patients will make it possible to go all the way to a prescription drug. InnoMedica improves already known active substances in their biodistribution. Thus, a lower translational risk can be assumed.

There are already numerous applications against cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the central nervous system. Nevertheless, these diseases are still responsible for most deaths. This is often due to the fact that with today’s applications, the drug does not reach the disease site. The problem with developing successful therapeutic approaches is therefore not a lack of potent drugs, but rather their biological distribution within the body.


Innovative pharmaceutical companies have recognized the potential of complex drugs in which the active substance is combined with a therapeutically functional carrier. However, these carriers are in many cases too big and do not correspond to the natural functional model of the body. As a result, they are often recognized as foreign bodies and eliminated by the immune system. InnoMedica has succeeded in exploiting the findings of this biological transport system for medical purposes and thus found a solution to one of the great challenges in today’s medicine.


InnoMedica was originally founded in 2000 as a financial company with headquarters in Zug. Initially, the company invested mainly in biochemistry and medicine. Following various successful participations, InnoMedica ventured to become an operationally independent pharmaceutical company in January 2013 with the Targeted Liposomal Doxorubicin project. The acquisition of the Japanese company YAMAZAKI-DDS Co, Ltd. gave InnoMedica access to a targeting technology that has been researched and patented for over 20 years. As the inventor of liposomal glycan targeting, Dr. Yamazaki supports the young InnoMedica research team in the development of the drug Talidox based on his research.