In addition to a patented technology platform, InnoMedica is defined especially by the will of a team to develop out of an innovative research in the field of liposomal drug delivery systems pharmaceutical drugs and to bring these therapies to the patients. To achieve this goal, experienced entrepreneurs and managers work alongside young university graduates. Only the combined efforts of investors, employees, physicians and patients will eventually make it possible to go the long way to register a prescription drug.

In the company owned GMP certified clean room laboratory in Marly, InnoMedica manufactures the product Talidox – a first application of the technology platform in the field of oncology. In order to be able to produce larger volumes for the planned market entry and to meet the growing pipeline, InnoMedica is expanding the infrastructure in the Marly Innovation Center and thus commits itself to the production location in Switzerland.

Take a look at InnoMedica’s production facility in Marly Innovation Center: