Update December 2017

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Thanks to the successful financing round of CHF 7.7 million in May 2017, the InnoMedica team has achieved significant progress with Talidox in recent months and further developed a new liposomal application in the field of neurodegenerative diseases into a first prototype.

  • Successful completion of the preclinical phase of Talidox with promising results in the toxicology study: Even with the highest doses of Talidox no hand-foot-syndrome was observed. This could set new treatment standards in oncology and replace therapies with free doxorubicin or Caelyx.
  • The clinical trial application of Talidox is shortly before submission for Swissmedic and the ethics committee: In collaboration with the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK), the planned Phase I study has been expanded to include additional analyzes on bio distribution based on the positive findings of the toxicology study. Upon completion of the study protocol development, InnoMedica and SAKK signed a major contract to conduct the clinical trial. The planning of the study was completed with the inclusion of an additional hospital.
  • Expansion of infrastructure in Marly: Based on the good results of the toxicology study, InnoMedica has undertaken another scale-up to produce Talidox in the volumes needed for further studies and subsequent market entry. The construction of a larger second clean room has begun.
  • InnoMedica’s technology platform opens new applications: The discovery that InnoMedica’s liposomal transport system makes it possible to cross the blood-brain barrier by means of specific modifications demonstrates the potential of InnoMedica’s nanotechnology to influence the bio distribution of drugs in the body. With its protective and regenerative approach, InnoMedica wants to fundamentally improve the therapy situation of Parkinson’s patients in the long term.
  • Publication on arteriosclerosis in Nature Communications: Thanks to InnoMedica’s liposomal formulation, arteriosclerotic plaque deposits were reduced in animal models. Futhermore, specific targeting of inflammatory reactions and the regeneration of the arterial blood vessels were promoted.
  • Reinforcing the team and gaining valuable know-how: The number of employees at InnoMedica doubled in 2017. The Board of Directors was also expanded by a new member.
  • Capital increase decided in 2018: InnoMedica plans to raise CHF 31.6 million in spring 2018 for the clinical trials of Talidox and the realization of the Neurodegeneration project.

A detailed description of InnoMedica’s progress in the second half of 2017 can be found in the newsletter.

The hope expressed by the oncologists of SAKK to replace the therapies Caelyx and free doxorubicin with Talidox in the near future, supports InnoMedica in its strategy of independent clinical development. The findings promoting the platform technology reinforce the team’s vision of making biocompatible nanoparticles clinically accessible for optimizing the bio distribution of drugs in a variety of diseases.

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