March-May 2016: Capital increase with public offer

March-May 2016: Capital increase with public offer

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Today chemotherapy remains the standard medicine for treating cancer. Yet treatment with this medicine means drugs interact with the entire body – causing intense side effects. Our medicine packages a chemotherapy drug inside a liposome, and by imitating the natural targeting mechanism of the immune system, finds tumors using sugar molecules and attacks them directly. Thus, the liposomes finds and delivers medicine directly to the sick cells, making the treatment more effective and reducing side effects to a minimum. After having achieved strong preclinical results, InnoMedica wants to introduce the new medicine first in-human.

Join our oncology-project:

Capital increase with public offer
of 64,500 Bearer shares / CHF 4,418,250
with additional greenshoe-option of 12,311 shares

The subscription ends May 31, 2016.
Share price is CHF 68.50 per new share (minimum 200 shares).




The English versions were translated from the original German documents which shall be binding in case of disparities.

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