Getting Talidox to the cancer patients

Getting Talidox to the cancer patients

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InnoMedica has made a good start to the New Year and is getting Talidox at full speed into the clinics.

InnoMedica and SAKK are ready for the registration of the clinical trial phase I:

After acquiring the required financial funding and presenting the promising preclinical results, the Board of the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) decided at its meeting in January 2017 to carry out Phase I clinical trial with Talidox. Based on the study outline and the documents submitted, SAKK will now develop a detailed protocol for conducting the study and prepare the necessary documents for submission to the ethics committee and Swissmedic. The treatment of the first patients is planned for autumn 2017. (media announcement DE)

Swissmedic inspection of the GMP-facility in Marly passed:

Since January 2015, InnoMedica has a license for the processing of highly active or allergic active substances (cytostatics) and the production of aseptically produced, end-sterilized products by Swissmedic. The approval was reviewed and confirmed in an inspection on January 31, 2017 with regard to the upcoming production for the clinical study in the Swiss hospitals.

Financial resources secured for clinical trial phase I:
As early as December 2016, InnoMedica was able to place a purpose-bound convertible bond as part of the planned capital increase 2017 in full and to acquire the required capital of CHF 1,045,995 from strategically important investors for the execution of the clinical phase I study. The loan includes a call and put option and can be paid back with new shares of the capital increase 2017 at a stock price of CHF 102.75.

InnoMedica plans to carry out a capital increase of CHF 7.7 million / 75,000 shares with a public offer with publication in the Swiss Commercial Gazette on March 27, 2017. A minimum subscription of 150 shares is required for participation. In the run-up to the capital increase, InnoMedica offers until March 20, 2017 in a preliminary round to larger investors the possibility to subscribe for tranches of at least 1,000 shares (CHF 102,750), which can be fully guaranteed through the granting of subscription rights. At present, InnoMedica already has more than 220 shareholders. The improvement of cancer therapy in the clinics is a concern that affects us all. With this approach, InnoMedica would like to appeal to both larger investors and the general public.
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