Fall Term Update 2015

Fall Term Update 2015

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Thanks to our successful financing round of CHF 1.3 million in May 2015, the InnoMedica team was able to achieve significant progress in several areas in the last few months and to advance the project Talidox further. In addition to important milestones in the production process, pre-clinic, clinical development and analytics, we want to accentuate the results of animal studies that show a high effect of glycan targeting and thus reaffirm the value of the contribution of Dr. Noboru Yamazaki patents.

Optic scans: substance distribution after 4 hours with and without glycan-targeting

  • The development team of InnoMedica achieved a breakthrough in the loading process of clinically relevant amounts of active agent into liposomes.
  • By introducing new process steps we were able to realize the functional surface modification with sugar molecules in a GMP certified production environment.
  • As part of the preclinical studies InnoMedica has made the active targeting visible and proven accumulations of the drug in the target tissue.
  • The collaboration with the Swiss oncologists could be intensified. The Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) and InnoMedica have formed an interdisciplinary project group for the preparation and conduct of the clinical Phase I / IIa.
  • InnoMedica could expand the premises in the Marly Innovation Center and leased in addition to the existing production facilities a new analytical laboratory, a research laboratory and two additional offices.
  • To strengthen the scientific team InnoMedica recruited two new scientists in the third quarter 2015: Dr. Christoph Mathieu and Dr. Patrick Buschor.
  • As part of the fundraising for the clinical trial phase I / IIa InnoMedica is planning to carry out a further capital increase of CHF 4.4 million in spring 2016, with an additional greenshoe in the amount of CHF 840’000.

Read more about it in our newsletter (PDF).

We came a big step closer to our goal to make this promising technology available for patients.
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